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Pineta in the past and present

Family Radićanin

Family Radićanin

We have been involved in the catering business for ten years when the restaurant and apartments Pineta opened their doors.
The members of the Radičanin family are:….
The parents are responsible for logistics, cultivation and production. Son Florian, a cook, will give you an opportunity to enjoy in our gastronomic offer whereas another son and his wife will be at all times.

In 2003 the castle was completely restored. The Palazzo is officially a monument building and all the reconstruction took place under the strict supervision of the council for monument care. Yet, the family managed to transform the building into 4 comfortable apartments, including a wine cellar and a tasting room.
Moreover, we have constructed a brand new freshwater swimming pool (7.40x16m), while at the moment two tennis courts are being constructed.
The baron's court

The baron's court

Martinski was the residence of Labin's last landowner- baron Lazzarini. The restored castle, today as in the past known as Baronov kort, still reminds us of the times past.

Besides the flat there were a horse- stable, a barn and large cellars in the castle. Apart from the farm (called zatka) above the Raša valley, the baron gave the rest of the land to the sharecroppers. Everything was divided in half: wheat, potatoes, grapes, hogs and cattle. The baron would get smoked ham, so called „pršut“ out of one hog and the first leg of the hog, so called „špaleta“ for himself, whereas the rest was given to the sharecroppers.

Servants, so called „dekle i hlapci“, worked in and around the castle and they were paid for their work.
During high season the baron would hire field labourers who were paid daily, on the basis of so called „boletini na žurnade“ (depending on the number of hours they worked a day). A proof that there was more than enough work is that it took more than three months to make brandy. Wine barrels were also full and one of the regular buyers was a caterer from Rabac.

A crucial role by the crops hand over had measurers who were not particularly strict as the baron himself was not hair splitting. He was apparently more preoccupied with respecting the forest protection laws. His guardians, being responsible for cutting wood, were allowed to cut only thin twigs and not too thick trunks.
During winter only one room was heated, the one with a fireplace.
The measurers swore to the baron under a bit unusual circumstances- in a special room, so called „skritorij“- a writing- room, between two candles and human sculls. The baron kept his „accounts records“ on every labourer, servant and other employees. The wine given to them for lunch (women would get a quarter and men- half a litre) was included in the salary

The baron had two carriages and a single-seater which he used to go around his landed property and Labin.
At the outbreak of war Lazzarini realised that his end was approaching. Thus, he sold all his property and went to Italy, closing pages and pages of an interesting history about the ultimate noble family of the Labin area.



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Domus Bonus

Our apartments have a Domus bonus certificate, the guarantee for accomodation quality (Quality in Istrian households in Istria that comly with specific criteria).

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